We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a revolution in the fixed wing air ambulance industry:
A.L.S. AeroCare Inc.
A.L.S. AeroCare was established by two veteran critical care flight professionals who believed that many current air ambulance providers fell short in their effort to provide the care and comfort required by individuals needing air transportation.

We specialize in medical services for patients who are unable to travel commercially because of injury or illness. We provide all levels of healthcare services, from commercial escort to critical care life support. Each transport is tailored to the patients needs.

A.L.S. AeroCare prides itself on providing our patients aeromedical transportation that is personable, professional and timely. We are committed to providing an experience that is as stress free as possible for the patient and their families.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is very important for consumers to ask questions before choosing an air ambulance service. Some questions that you should ask are:

1. What are A.L.S. AeroCare's Qualifications?

A.L.S. AeroCare is dedicated to building on years of clinical excellence providing and inspiring quality care environments in the fixed wing air ambulance industry. The company principals are currently active in the emergency medical transportation field and have over 25 years experience in nursing and 18 years experience in both air and ground transportation.

All RN crew members have 3 or more years experience in a critical care setting and hold one or more of the following certification's: CEN, CCRN, CFRN, TNCC.

All Paramedic crew members have 3 or more years with an active 911 EMS service. Many of the paramedics have specialized training in critical care transportation with their EMS employers. All flight team members are certified in ACLS, BTLS and PALS.

A.L.S. AeroCare's Medical Director is a board certified emergency physician with many years of practice in emergency medicine. He has experience as a support physician with the NASA Space Shuttle program in Cape Canaveral, Florida and is presently active in EMS air and ground transportation in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

2. What is the company's safety record?
A.L.S. AeroCare has an outstanding safety record. Under FAA Part 135 we undergo constant review by the FAA for adherence to inspection and maintenance standards. In addition, we implement strict quality and safety controls and perform frequent audits to ensure all standards are being met.
3. What type of aircraft is used for air ambulance transport?
The aircraft we utilize are pressurized, multiengine turboprops that are all weather capable. All aircraft are able to give a smooth comfortable flight in all types of conditions. In addition, we are able to use our Navajo Chieftain to access remote or isolated airfields.
4. Will the medical flight team be in contact with my physician and hospital of choice?
Our flight teams work closely with the patient's physician and hospital staff. If necessary they can contact the medical director and discuss any concerns before or during a flight.
5. What equipment is available to the medical team?
A.L.S. AeroCare carries a full complement of emergency medications, monitoring equipment and oxygen. Specific, specialized equipment and/or supplies are available and provided based on the patients need and medical condition.
6. How many medical flight team members are on each flight?
The flight team is selected based on the patients condition and on the medical needs of the patient during the flight. Generally, if a patient is so ill that they need to utilize our services, the flight team will consist of two members. Usually, the team will be staffed by an RN and a Paramedic.
7. What is the flight cost?
Cost can vary greatly and price along cannot indicate the quality of service. A.L.S. AeroCare will provide you with the best, most cost effective quote possible before transportation arrangements are made. (Submit a quote)
8. When is payment required?
Most fixed wing air transports are not covered by insurance. However, A.L.S. AeroCare will file your transport with your insurance company. We will obtain any necessary pre-authorization forms required by your insurance company. Please keep in mind, however that full payment is required at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made.
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